Basic GelArts Kit

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Put all the basic primary colors of gel and tools at your fingertips for creative Art on Nails
"Everywehre I go and Everything I do, I see an idea for art on nails"


gel set

Selection of 7 GelArts' colors in 15ml square bottles:  Yellow, Red, White, Green, Blue, Balck and Top coat.
*The actual size/color/shape may vary from the image of items above
The gel-polish cures in both UV/LED lights and wears of long-lasting with easy-off time.

*For demos of easy painting ArtNails with Gels/Polish/Acrilic, visit us at youtube logo *keyword - artnails or gelarts -

Item #401, GelArts Kit -------- $39.50

Includes: 1 Nail art Trainer
1 Set of GelArts brush, #101
7 GelArts Colors of above


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