Basics of Nail Art Strokes

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Teardrops of purple color from 10:00 & 2:00 o'clock.
      Use #4 or 5 Vrush-Pen brushes

2.     Light Teardrops from 7:00 & 4:00 to the center
3.     Small, black head dot and bigger body dot
4.   C strokes of line antenna for a butterfly.

Short & long Lines with #3 Vrush-Pen
2.    Complementary black lines
3.    White, yellow, black lines, then broad C strokes with #6.
4.    Drag it up quickly with #1/ Marbler(see below Flames)

On light blue polish, reversed C & S strokes
2.      Small Dots & Teardrops for Daisy
3.      Bigger Teardrops for front Daisy with #4, Flat
4.      Small dots in center of Teardrops with #1 or Marbler

Drag down strokes using #3 Vrush-Pen for Flames
2.      Control the pressures of brush for S strokes
3.      Press the brush lightly and lift up quickly
4.     Drag-up strokes can be done by reversing the nails
      down, then pull down your strokes for Flame design
* See more details of tips & tricks at keyword "artnails"
1.    Outline C strokes of holy leaves with #1, Vrush-Pen
2.      Fill in with greens
3.      Add darker greens in-center leaves
4.      Finish off the leaves with red berries and lines of vines
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