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Learn Nail Art in a flash

1. Look up strokes and features
2. Practice on
Teaching Guides,
3. Let's Art on the Nails

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More Samples and Demos at  youtube logo  *keyword - artnails or gelarts

Small Is Very BIG: create your masterpice on your nail canvas.
Nail artists are big believers in learning by doing.

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MASTER Nail Art Kit (Free Shipp[ing in USA)
A secret weapon that drives you to become a nail artist
 and it's all tools you need  for Teaching Yourself Nail Art.

GelArts Nail Art brushes for Professional Nail Artists.

"Your products answered my plea.  The idea to get the learner into the PLAY FIRST, THEORY LATER, approach is great.  Amazing how much inspiration has come from just seeing the step-by-step design guides.  Your steps toward JUST PAINT NAIL ART remove the complexity and patience required to learn nail art."    --Linda Nguyen --

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