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(A Creative Learning Tool That gets Results)
Get in on a rejuvenating, self-learning experience starting with the basics of nail art strokes with
Teaching Guides and the Basics of Nail Art Strokes with Teaching Guides and moving to more advanced features,
ArtNails' Trainer.  Your creativity will blossom with new ways to learn the nails - FAST -

Practice any nail enhancements on the most innovative training tools. 
Trainer  offers nine nails that nail-shaped to mimic finger width/length for real-life simulation.
Exclusively designed for the beginners to train for nails and display.


1) Hold the Trainer as shown below
2) Dip one of the Vrush-Pen Nail art brush in the paint
 3) Rest your pinkie on the other hand
4) Practice, and practice on the different sizes and shapes of nails 
5) Made a mistake?  Wipe it off, then practice again.


New way to display Colors of nail lacquers, Hand-painted nail art, Airbrush designs, Nail Shapes, Rhinestones, Jewelry, etc., and offer your customers more of what they want.
Your Art on the Nails Sells Itself. 

Practice & Practice
on Trainer FIRST!
2 pc

Above 2 Trainers included in
  Just Do It, #123
Master kit: #109,
 M. kit Plus #110


Order #103
(3 Trainers, 3 Vrush-Pen nail art brushes, 3 pcs of Shading, Angular and Dagger brushes)
--- $34.50

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