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ArtNails’ Nail Art Library

Painting art on the nails has been my world since I was licensed as a nail technician in 1986 in the state of Maryland.  I would like to share with you the Nail Art Library that will be an indispensable resource for BEGINNERS in the beauty field and lovers of designing.  If art touches your life, express it on your nails rather than on canvases.
— Ann Chase  —

Hojas de practicar Diseños & Pinceles

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 ArtNails’ Teaching Guides in the Nail Art Library serve as a resource for artists who would like to learn nail art through self-taught guidance. It includes 40 pages of step-by-step instructions for brush strokes, nail designs, styles, motifs, and patterns. The guides also come with a  three-ring binder and protector sheets so that you can organize and scrapbook your nail art.  The smart way to learn ArtNails® for beginners – one stroke at a time!

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