Create Rose & Pansy

Let’s paint a Rose & Pansy

This detailed guide takes you through the process one tiny step at a time.
The result will be how patient you are and a little know-how with determination.

I don’t believe in artistic talent as much as I believe in discipline and persistence.
-Jamie Bollenbach-


PREPARATION for Rose: Double load red & white and blend the two colors by stroking
the brush back and forth in one spot.  The shading brush, #4, will have one value on one side of the brush,
another value on the opposite side, and a blend of the two in the middle as shown in
Double Loading Tech..

Are you ready to paint?
A – Polish a nail with red and allow to dry
B – Draw the background of rose with ivory
C – Hold the brush(#4-Flat) so that the white side of the brush is facing the outside,
 red side toward the center, and paint opposite C stroke
D – Paint C stroke and let the tale meet the end of opposite C stroke.
E – Paint Comma on the right, push to one side of brush and lift to chisel edge
F – Paint Opposite Comma on the left
G – Repeat E & F strokes.  Turn the nail for easier positioning,  if needed
H – Fill in with dark red color between the petals
*Are you satisfied the rose you just painted as is?  Go to next step “L” without the petals
I – Dot Stroke with darker ivory, bigger black dots show applied pressure compare others
J – Outline the edges of leaves
K – Add lighter value of color
L –  Pull the brush on it’s tip, create randomly curving vines
*Allow the rose to dry and apply  top coat.

White Says Innocence
A white rose tells your favorite angel that they’re simply “heavenly” and it’s a great color choice
for the romantic in your life and also stand for innocence, which makes it a perfect color
choice for dads to give daughters or sons to their moms.

Pink Says Grace
Pink roses and you’re telling that someone special you appreciate their graceful style and gentle nature.
And you’re saying, “I really admire you.” This rose color is just the right choice to show
to someone with love “from your secret admirer”

Yellow Says Friendship
Bright, Sunny yellow roses symbolize friendship, affection and joy.
Show your best friends a bunch of these stunning blooms and say, “You’ll be my best friend forever.”