GelArts™ Brushes

GelArts™  nail art brushes
(A totally new tools for painting with Gels, Polish, Acrylic paints and Water color)

   Gel   GelArts BGD

With GelArts 3 silicon brushes, create an infinite variety of exciting textures, forms and patterns. Flexible, durable non-absorbent tips that carves, lift, blend, highlight, shape, shade, correct and smooth  paints,  to create surface effects Not possible with any other tools. To clean, simply wipe paint off after use.

Gel6 pcs

*Use Regular Brushes, left sided,
to create following one strokes and more. See more details

A Set of 6 brushes: Short, Medium, Long, Shade, Angular and Dagger are made of the finest blend of golden Taklon hair.  They are the best  brushes for painting of delicate strokes with thinned acrylics in tight areas of nails. The 2-in-1, black handles of GelArts brushes are Point, Flat and Round for using Gels, Nail Polish and colors to create all Art Nails.  BE CREATIVE!

Item #101 – Comes with 109, 110 and 102 
(3 GelArts and 3 Vrush-Pen Nail Art Brushes)