Marble NailArts

The basic technique of marbleizing is simple.

Load enough paints with the Vrush-Pen nail art brushes and draw the Basic strokes on the nails.
Rake and swirl with the ArtNails’ Marbler to form a design you like to create stunning swirl designs.
(The more you make mistakes the more you learn nail art FAST!)

How-to use Marbler™ to paint Dots that lead to create Roses:
A. Load white color on ArtNails’ Mabler, make the shapes of Roses and
Press, Turn and Lift with jolted motion on different direction to create your desired sizes of Roses.
B.  Paint vine lines between the Roses.
C.  Apply different values of dots at the center of Roses.
D.  Place dots of opposite colors – Purple to Cyan  or different value- side by side.
E.  Stir the colors together by brushing in Lines, C or  Comma/Opposite Comma, S strokes.
F.  Drop the dots in the center of each bundle of Roses.

*the colors are formed into the desired shapes on the size with Marbler.
The smaller the size, the more delicately and precisely can the colors be formed into flowers.

A soft handle Marbler is included in  Master kit: #109  & Master kit plus, #110